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Twitter is again dark in iOS with the arrival of the mode night

The last month of month of July the users with terminals Android received an update of the application of Twitter in which was an option called night mode. As well, the same already is of the split in them terminals with iOS and, therefore, those that have an iPhone or tablet of the company of Cupertino already can enjoy of the novelty of which are speaking.

What you are looking for with the Night mode is promote the reading by them nights when is used the application Twitter in the terminal Mobile, and for this is changes the combination of colors that show in screen. Thus, moves from the white background and black letters, to which the latter are white and black background. The case, is that the display is better in areas with low light and also upset less to those who have closely.

The application of Twitter for Android adds finally the way night

If you don’t know how to activate the new option that has become the Twitter app for iOS, what you have to do is the following: click the icon symbol tool that is in development. Now enter in the paragraph settings of has and uses the option called Activate mode night that you’ll see. Simple is everything (the deactivation is redoing what has been done).

Rolling out today-we’re bringing night mode to iOS! 🌙

-Twitter (@twitter) August 22, 2016

Any news on Twitter

Obviously, the new update of the application for iOS has in the mode night it more prominent that is includes, but not is it only that is has included. An example is that there are corrections of errors and performance enhancements, as well as a new filter Advanced that he allows to avoid duplicate or messages with content that you want to see, like for example that includes insults or degrading.

Modo nocturno en iOS
OPciones de Modo nocturno en iOS

The mode night of Twitter is going way also of iOS

The case is that T witter for iOS equals to the version of Android in what refers to night mode, and the truth is that the utilidada is great once you get used to using it (if you are that they like to use dark colors). By the way, that the update arrives from form automatic.

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