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Twitter already lets see what are tweets where you are

Without making any noise, as it happens recently, Twitter has just added a new feature to its service in partnership with Foursquare. With this partner, it is easy to know where the shots are going and has to do with the geo-location and allow you to filter tweets by positioning.

Twitter is still looking for the way out of the pit in which it is embedded. Don’t we get wrong, and you have seen us write more than once, the social network of the Blue Bird is a great tool but a grim business. Advertising does not to cover expenses, mostly from investors hungry, and they are trying by all means to find the way that it seems that they do have others like Facebook, and even his main threat, Snapchat – which already has the same active users per month than Twitter.

We discussed how from Techcrunch, and at least in U.S. iOS, now clicking on a tweet geolocation is opened a new tab where we will see the messages that are sent from the same city or event – because they also believe this as something for States, concerts, etc.-.

pantallas twitter con mensajes geolocalizados

At the moment, Twitter does not seek a specific location to see what’s happening on this site, everything is done through pressing on the link that we find in any tweet.

A new monetization option

And is that behind this there seems to be a new option of monetization that could better target the public and local businesses to reach right now are dragged by the torrent of hashtag and mentions from other accounts. Knowing that you can reach individuals who are in your area can change his opinion about the profitability of the network of the “retweet” and leave a little more than money on the platform.

siluetas de personas con logo de twitter

Similarly, if you have a verified account, you can associate a location and without need for hashtags, it is possible to know who is there and, above all, think that the only thing that would have to do is Activate the mobile geolocation for Twitter index it automatically.

It is the way to get who we still also, who do not and are some of the most interesting things for users of the social network, at the same time, what away to companies that have to wait and wait to have a mass of followers. And let’s be honest someone follow the twitter of the shoes in the corner?

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The Twitter article already lets see what are tweets where you are was released in MovilZona.

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