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Twilight Pro Unlock. How can you help us to sleep an app?

If a few years ago, with the arrival of tablets and smartphones, they say many users that the use of these devices, can help them to improve their quality of life, the answer may be of unbelief. However, these platforms have become useful tools in the health sector and other focused to get the easier day by day. It is possible to find applications that help, for example, to all those who suffer from diabetes and also, small personal trainers on the screens of our terminals which help us to bring more healthy habits.

However, to remove those statements based devices management helps create sleep problems and disorders such as insomnia among consumers, emerging applications such as Twilight Pro Unlock, which we told you its salient features and which follows the footsteps of other similar such as Sleep As Android.


At first glance, this tool is very simple. Based on the reception of light by our eyes, is responsible for adjusting the amount of brightness of displays of terminals along the different slots in order to reduce the impact of the screens while approaching the moment of sleep. This is controlled through Red filters that change intensity gradually.

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Can you have credibility?

This app developers claim to have the backing of several scientific research claiming that prolonged exposure during the last hours of light to the screens of our devices, can alter sleep cycles and that this tool, as well as other existing, is capable of solving this shortcoming. However, they also state that many of the studies that are still are in experimental phases, which may contribute to not be attractive to many users.


Twilight Pro Unlock has a cost of 50 cents after the release of an offer by its creators, which has helped to position itself as one of the most popular payment apps this week in Google Play. Despite the fact that he has gotten close to half a million users, some criticize aspects such as unexpected closures, blocking of functions of devices when using them or also, accelerated consumption of the battery.

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After learn more about another app which, at first glance, may be beneficial for those with sleep problems, do you think that Twilight Pro Unlock has a strong enough guarantee to comply with what promises, or however, believe that we must show caution with this type of tool? You have available more information as for example, a list of healthcare applications so that you can say to yourselves.

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