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Tutorial on video to use two SIM and card microSD in your Galaxy S7 Edge

The slot nano SIM card Samsung Galaxy S7, and by extension of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, allows you to acquire a configuration of dual SIM or SIM with a microSD memory card. However, there is a method by which we can figure how us to use Dual SIM function and at the same time fit the microSD card to add storage space. You can follow the method through the following tutorial video.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, the firm opted to remove the microSD card slot, one of the most valued features by those who were regulars at the family of smartphones Galaxy S. This change did not at all to a large majority of users who saw how this novelty offered quite annoying drawbacks. And if not, that is it ask to the users of models as the iPhone 6s in their versions basic with 16 GB. The company was receding in his attempt with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and again introduced the microSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Dual SIM and microSD

The truth is that the used trick is already known Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is not the first model that adopts this solution. A solution that allows you to use either two cards nanoSIM or card Subscriber with a microSD card. However, due to its physical configuration, this tray does not allow to make use of both functions, so the user must give up one of the features. However, as we have already indicated, it is not complicated to find in forums and websites home methods to trick the smartphone. In fact, we ourselves made echo of a manual with which we could carry out a modification in Cards microSD and SIM nano to use all three in a Samsung Galaxy S7.Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge con bandeja Dual SIM

Video tutorial

However, spare parts REWA Technology company puts us in our hands a complete tutorial in video that we can not refuse for their quality in its Edition. And it is that video is the best way to illustrate the process of modification and steps that are necessary for our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can use two SIM cards and a card microSD at the same time. It comes down to sanding and cutting, but we believe suitable that you take a look at the video so you don’t miss a single detail and make all steps in the most correct way, as well as the cheats for some of these, as well as the technique when using the various tools and resources.

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