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Turbo Speed Technology, so is the solution for Samsung to release RAM

Occasionally is launch technologies that, without make many noise, are running to convert are in essential in the future of those terminals mobile of a company. An example of what we say is Turbo Speed Technology from Samsung, a development that aims to improve the overall performance of phones and tablets, regardless of the product range they belong to.

Although it is still an unknown, technology the truth is that it aims to become a backbone for the portfolio of the Korean company devices, whether Smartphones or tablets . But, to surprise of many, this development already is integrated in a device that is has announced, and that not is precisely of range high to of this way is check their effectiveness. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy Pro J2 (2016), where Turbo Speed Technology is present.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016)

What do you get with Turbo Speed Technology?

For Samsung engineers have developed processes that helped in hardware and software, look for the use of RAM , a section which is essential for adequate fluidity of a terminal (and, moreover, is not the best virtues of Android, all since say it). This, obviously, impacts directly in applications running and TouchWiz, the custom interface of the company operation. This benefits all kinds of devices, whether high end or input.

The operation no need of a processor powerful a quantity of memory high, by what is can integrate in all type of models (would perhaps the next Note?). The case is that through proactive management of RAM, Turbo Speed Technology detects the developments that are no longer useful and closes them, thus liberating space. Additionally, gets one thing so far was not present in Android models: development is capable of reorganize jobs that are using memory, for this form, that are being used have a predominant position. No sounds nothing wrong.

Memoria Samsung

Official photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in gold, silver and blue

If the performance is optimal, as all points that so will be, are before a technology that will favour to them models of Samsung are much more efficient and, in addition, as not depends on of the hardware integrated, is can include in them updates of terminals that are already on the market.

A video demonstration

To show what it is able to Turbo Speed Technology, from Samsung has been published a video which shows how does this work in the Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) . If you want to see it, you must simply click on the play button that the image after this paragraph:

The Turbo Speed Technology article, so is the solution of Samsung to release RAM was published in MovilZona.

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