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Try Pokémon GO fighting among players with Storimod

It is the major update is waiting for everyone who still play Pokémon GO and most of those who have abandoned it because already they never see him grace. Fighting in Pokémon GO, as in all games of the series, are a promise that we can prove, in part, with a fully legal app: Storimod.

Before you start you can calm down. With Storimod, while uses the data of the game to create a system of fighting in Pokemon GO, not is illegal, not goes to be cause of ban and, even, need that have rooted the terminal. You can download it below:

WP-Appbox: Storimod (free+, Google Play) →

At the moment it is only available to the Android and his first intention was to be able share our Pokedex with our friends in addition to social networking. However, over time it has evolved and now has a very interesting way: Battlemod.

combates en pokémon go con Storimod

Fighting in Pokémon GO… but not as we are accustomed

This mode allows what have been mentioned, do bouts in Pokémon GO using the characters that we have captured and evolved front to those who are our friends, using the attacks that have been obtained by the road (we know that they are rather less mobile than the console game).

Until you emocionéis you all, we have to tell you that the game interface has nothing to do with the titles of Pokemon. At the end of which is a match statistics and what we really do is choose the Pokémon that we want to combat and see how it develops in form of chat in confrontation with a friend, in which on screen in the form of buttons we have options that use (attacks, health, etc.)

pantallas combates en pokémon GO

Can be calm because not there will be problems with the game original, our character not going to lose points or anything similar. However, is a way to start training when arrive the fighting in Pokémon GO.

New features that will Pokémon GO in the next update

Despite being just around the corner, today same Niantic has announced updates coming in the next update and party of which the majority are minor touch-ups, still won’t this expected function and Exchange Pokemon with friends – another hallmark of the saga but which refuses to reach both as the video calling WhatsApp . Android help coworkers realize good everything today announced Niantic and we encourage you to you pass by your news to discover it all.

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