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Tripwolf: You travel all over the world without the need to connect

During the summer, we can see an evident increase of travel available for our tablets and smartphones apps. And is, from airlines, even hotel chains around the world with a great weight, the majority of actors involved in the tourism sector have joined a trend in which the user acquires a greater role and that the capacity of planning their trips and Getaways on their own is, in many cases , the key to success.

To the long list of comparators of hotel accommodation, any means of public transport tickets, or those that inform us about the time that we find in all the places that we visit, we must add other platforms such as Tripwolf, which you then have more features and that, as it is usual, has lights, but also with shadows.


Tripwolf developers claim that their application is a complete journey planner. Contains a database of some 500 destinations from around the world. At first, we can access maps of every one of them who demonstrates outstanding information ranging from the public transport routes, location of accommodation, restaurants, cinemas, and even the most popular monuments in each location.

tripwolf pantalla

Offline mode

While between them elements that this application reveals in each map, is found them points WiFi open, an of them strengths that used their creators for increase its attractive is the made of that them flat are available in a mode offline in which is show all the elements cited before. To the same time, the capacity of personalization is important, since allows that we same can add places that of time not is include in the database.


Tripwolf has no initial charge . However, it has been very criticized by the need for Purchasing integrated that can reach 30 euros per element and they unlock additional information and descriptions about sites visited and that, for many, contain few data. On the other hand, have also been reported performance problems and unexpected closures. It has more than 1 million users.

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Do you think that Tripwolf can be a real alternative to other existing travel platforms? You have available more information on more apps in this genre as Agoda so you can say to yourselves.

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