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Top 5 in games free for Android: Plants vs Zombies Heroes, Minecraft Story Mode and more

Fans of collectible card games already have a new one to sink his tooth, nothing less, than a new game from the popular Plants vs Zombies. The top 5 of the best free Android games, however, comes with the usual variety of genres, and also includes sports, strategy and adventure games.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes

May remember that several months ago that Plants vs Zombies Heroes it appeared Google Play, but it seems that this was a failed launch and now is when we will finally be able to enjoy it, rather than sure glad letters RPG Clash Royale style fans as well as fans of the saga , at least to those who are willing to renounce their popular fighting type tower defense.

WP-Appbox: Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes (free+, Google Play) →

Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode is nothing new at this point, but it is that we can download it free and that is the reason that appears in this top 5. It is true that we will only be able to access the first chapter and we run the risk of staying engaged and we find that we have to pay to continue, but fans of Minecraft and Telltale, probably worth the try.

WP-Appbox: Minecraft: Story Mode (free+, Google Play) →

SkillTwins Football Game

Although the field of football games remains firmly dominated by the almost brand new FIFA Mobile, as expected, this peculiar SkillTwins Football Game is getting to become quite popular too, with a completely different approach, since the game mechanics here focuses on only demonstrate our ability to get different dribbling and tricks.

WP-Appbox: SkillTwins Football Game (free+, Google Play) →

Gods of Olympus

He game of strategy online of this week is gods of the Olympus, of which the title us it says already practically all: in this game are going to have it the opportunity of lift our own empire in the Greece classical subjugating them cities of our enemies with an army compound nothing less that by gods. What probably makes it more special, however, is to have dispensed utterly construction times.

WP-Appbox: Gods of Olympus (free+, Google Play) →

Best Fiends Forever

We closed our top 5 with a game dedicated mainly to children, but that we can not mention given the popularity reached by his predecessor. It should take into account, in any case, that although the main characters are the same as in the first Best Fiends, in this new installment has opted for a new gameplay mechanics, becoming an adventure game, but of simple controls.

WP-Appbox: Best Fiends Forever (free+, Google Play) →

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