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Top 5 in games free for Android: MyNBA2K17, Gunship Battle Second War and more

The Grand launch of this week in Google Play certainly is MyNB2K17, but in our top 5 best new Android free games we have titles also to fans of action games, platform, strategy and (what was more unusual, probably) also of the graphic adventure.


Little can tell at this point in the free version for mobile devices of the basketball 2 K games inspired by the NBA who know this sport fans: this is a collectible card game in which we will have to try to bring players to our perfect team and then challenge other users, in different modes of play (sit & go (, Championships…)

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Gunship Battle Second War

Gunship Battle is one of the most popular games of combat air and already has a sequel that puts us back to the command of the most powerful warplanes to fight now that it has ended the second world war against new enemies. Of course, we not only have a new challenge but also new models of aircraft, and the game comes with refreshed graphics and various improvements.

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One More Jump

For those looking for something more laid back, One More Jump is a good choice. The last game of platforms of fashion in Google Play arrives with an aesthetic very simple, based in figures geometric of colors and an approach that sounds equal of simple: have that draw a line to which then there will be that make jump to overcome them obstacles that us presents each level.

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Randal completo Monday

We don’t usually find many adventures graphic free and, indeed, necessary to point out that in this case only are the first chapters, but it remains an interesting opportunity for fans of the genre. This is not his only claim, in any case, but also has the appeal of a story original and fun and, above all, quite politically incorrect, with an atypical actor that deserves worth knowing.

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Closes our top 5 hacker, a game online strategy which as a minimum should give credit to leave a little of the basic formula popularized by the Clash of Clans and also leave the atmosphere of medieval fantasy: as the title makes clear, our objective here will be to hack the bases of other users and instead raise armies we have to do is to develop our skills and tools.

WP-Appbox: Hacker (free*, Google Play) →

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