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Top 5 games for iPad: WWE Champions, Vaiana and more

Taking in has that this week have in the list of games free for iPad more downloads ones few releases that arrive with the seal of studies as Disney, KONAMI and Rovio, not can leave of surprise us that none of them is has made with the first since of the top 5, that has been this time for WWE Champions (although is certain that this game has also with the push that assumes the reference in the title to the popular) Wrestling competition). We leave you with the News that they are more triumph in the App Store.

WWE Champions

One of the genres most popular in the genre of the RPG for mobile devices are likely to be those who combine the basic elements of the genre with the puzzles, normallmente of the type connects 3, and most of them use the typical atmosphere of fantasy style anime (more frequent in this field even than medieval fantasy), what makes this rather atypical WWE Champions , by applying this game mechanic to the popular wrestling league. The result, in any case, at the moment is being very well received by users.

WP-Appbox: WWE: Champions – free wit RPG (free+, App Store) →


The silver medal in the top 5 is this time for Disney with its Vaiana, the last game released in the App Store by the company to promote one of his movies. Curiously, the film takes us back to the islands of the South Pacific and the game tries to recreate is tropical in a simulationgame environment, so once again we find ourselves exploring archipelagos and developing our villages on the edge of the beach (and we say once again because it is the same scenario that have bet the latest titles from some of the most famous sagas).

WP-Appbox: Vaiana: An island of adventure (free+, App Store) →

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel

We saw last week among the more popular novelties of this week in Google Play this Yu-Gi-Oh Duel, the title with which Konami has decided to compete in the field of collectible cardgames, and we have now also among the novelties of the most downloaded free games for iPad. With regards to the mechanics of game, nothing out of the ordinary in e genre, although it is worth noting that there are up to 6000 cards to collect and that we will be able to enjoy also some offline game modes.

WP-Appbox: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation (free+, App Store) →

Angry Birds Blast

It is hard to believe that a new Angry Birds game has not already gone higher in the ranking of most downloaded free games for iPad, but it is true that the launch of this new Angry Birds Blast has become something more undetected than others. Are what new adventures going to live on this occasion with angry birds? As with the Rovio has returned to the area of puzzles of connects with colored bubbles 3-style Puzzle Bubble, a classic genre on mobile devices, where, curiously, quite recently we had another big premiere, with the arrival of Bubble Witch Saga 3.

WP-Appbox: Angry Birds Blast (free+, App Store) →

Zombie Castaways

The latest title in our top 5 is Zombie Castaways, which is not really a game released recently, but it is simply the first time does not appear overcome in our ranking by other news. The truth is that, in spite of this, is a game with a rather broad base of users already, something that does not surprise us too since it is one of the most fun that we have seen in recent times between simulationgames, since with it we will be able to build our own zombie village and take care of the crops and animals all this with a fairly sympathetic tone and not at all apocalyptic, as you can see.

WP-Appbox: Zombie Castaways (free+, App Store) →

We will continue pending topicality games for iPad to keep you abreast of the most interesting novelties, until return next Sunday with a new top 5.

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