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Top 5 games for iPad: Rodeo Stampede, The Sandbox Evolution and more

Platform games and sports dominate this week our top 5 with the novelties in the ranking of most downloaded free iPad games. We present you the new games that are most succeeding right now in the App Store and coming with Rodeo Stampede to head.

Rodeo Stampede

Combining the arcade with the simulation, Rodeo Stampede has managed to move quickly into the highest downloads games lists: on the one hand, we will have to ride, holding of animals jumping and moving from one to another, as they run out of control at full speed; on the other hand, when things are calmer, we will focus on managing a zoo.

WP-Appbox: Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari (free*, App Store) →

The Sandbox Evolution

We continue with a game that also has some simulation game, but is more properly a platformgame, but with a very special characteristic that is the allow us to create our own levels from all kinds of elements. Of course, we can also boast of them sharing them with other users, just like we can discover those made by others.

WP-Appbox: The Sandbox Evolution – creates a 2D universe of pixel (free*, App Store) →

Give it Up! 2

The bronze medal is the App of the week, which is also a game of platforms quite original, although for entirely different reasons, because what makes it special to Give it Up is the combination with elements of music games, making that our character has to find a way to beat the levels by jumping to the rhythm of the music.

WP-Appbox: Give It Up! 2 (free*, App Store) →

Tennis Bits

We’re seeing quite a few games of tennis lately among the most downloaded and already have one more to add to the list: Tennis Bits. It must be taken into account, that Yes, that is not a simulator of sport to use, but it is almost more an arcade game, with simple controls and the main claim to compete with dozens of characters, each of them with their own skills.

WP-Appbox: Tennis Bits (free, App Store) →

Soccer Hit

We ended up with another sports arcade-style game, but in this case with the football as protagonist, taking advantage of the pull of the euro: Soccer Hit. While the matches game mechanism is pretty basic, is compensated for by a wide variety of options so that we do not easily boring: we can choose among hundreds of computers, various modes of play and up to 12 different tournaments.

WP-Appbox: Soccer Hit – Euro football (free, App Store) →

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