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Top 5 games for iPad: Plants vs Zombies Heroes, Best Fiends Forever and more

It did lack nothing less than a new installment of the popular Plants vs Zombies to dethrone the new FIFA Mobile, and that this week had other few premieres level, as it is the case of the sequel’s Best Fiends or the new game from Ubisoft, which arrives to accompany the new film from DreamWorks. We leave you with novelties of the most downloaded free iPad games ranking top 5 .

Plants vs Zombies Heroes

After have beaten all them records in the gender of them tower defense, the saga Plants vs Zombies test luck also in the land of them so of fashion RPG of letters: following the wake of them popular Clash Royale or Hearthstone, the new battle between plants and dead living will require that us do with a mallet of letters it more powerful possible and of course, that then use them judiciously.

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Best Fiends Forever

The case of Best Friends Forever is quite similar to the Plants vs Zombies Heroes, while it’s two very different games, since the two have taken a set of popular characters and have adapted them to a new genre: in this case, still as protagnistas to the insects that many fans have among the smallest , but he has dispensed with the puzzles of the first Best Fiends and has opted for an Adventuregame mechanics.

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Drive Ahead Sports

Seems that in them last times are attending to the birth of a new subgenus, that combines elements of two genera apparently irreconcilable, as are them games of sports and them of racing, but it certain is that not leave of find us titles in that play to the football, mainly, with cars and motorcycles, and seem to be quite popular. The latest addition is this new Drive Ahead Sports.

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Despite having some many premieres of popularity, has continued to sneak into the top 5 this week one of those simple Games arcade that so successfully they usually find in the App Store, and this week is this Tigerball (although this admittedly you a level above the usual), in which we will have to overcome obstacles each of the 100 levels presented to us with the ball protagonist.

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Trolls Crazy Party Forest

We finished with the new game from Ubisoft that we told you about at the beginning, Crazy Party Forest Trolls, another game aimed mainly at children, so that they can continue to enjoy their tablets of the adventures of the protagonists of the new film from DreamWorks, creating our own troll village and celebrating the holidays more fun with them.

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