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Top 5 games for iPad: Farmville: Tropic Escape 2, Buildy Blocks and more

As usual, in the highest positions in the ranking of most downloaded free iPad games, back to have this week several arcade games and casual with whom to hang out without complications, but also some titles for those that need some more excitement. I leave you with the top 5 with the News of the list.

Farmville: Tropic Escape 2

Zynga returns with a new installment of their game Star, Farmville, so this time we can create our own farm on the edge of a tropical beach paradise, slightly changing the species of plants and animals that we will grow and take care of, logically. Game mechanics, has nonetheless not varied too, so it won’t cost us much do us with it.

WP-Appbox: FarmVille: Tropic Escape (free*, App Store) →

Buildy Blocks

Second place is for a simple game arcade that’s just a matter of our mobile devices bring the experience of the classic game jenga: as in that one, the only thing we have to do is go by placing the pieces on each other so that our Tower climb as much as possible before you begin to crumble. And if you think too easy, you can try the “hardcore” mode.

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Horizon Chase World Tour

Next on the list is a game of racing that is not really too new, but so far have not seen such high positions. It should take into account, in any case, that the only thing that we can play for free is the demo, but it is also true that unlock it we will cost too much (it costs only one euro) and can that it worthwhile if left us good feelings.

WP-Appbox: Horizon Chase – World Tour (free*, App Store) →


Six! Is another game arcade, although work of a study that has got already some few successes of downloads (as 1010 or Merged!), what perhaps us anime to give you an opportunity: our objective here, just unlike that in Buildy Blocks, will be go removing them parts of a tower up which is holds a Hexagon, taking care, that Yes , because doing so will compromise its balance.

WP-Appbox: Six! (Free, App Store) →

I, Viking

Ended up with a game multiplayer in which is combine them elements own of them games of strategy online with others of them MMORPG, in which, as have could guess by the name, are going to put us to the command of our own village Viking and to direct them raids of their warriors for plunder the coasts to our around, in alliance with others players.

WP-Appbox: I, Viking (free*, App Store) →

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