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Top 5 games for iPad: Dunkers, SBK16 and more

Actually right now it is difficult to compete with Pokémon GO in downloads and popularity, but there have been a few brave developers who have tried with new games. What are who have been closer to achieve this? I leave you with our top 5 with the news in the ranking of games free for iPad more downloads.


The new game that more has approached in the ranking Pokémon GO is one that could not be further from the technical challenge posed, since it has opted for a retro style and a simple game mechanics, though, as we say often, sometimes this is the best formula for success. Kulturhus is a basketball game in which everything you have to steal the ball to the opponent and crush.

WP-Appbox: Kulturhus (free, App Store) →


The second place on the podium is for another game of sports, but for one more budget and, consequently, with much more level: this is the latest edition of the franchise that brings the excitement of the SuperbikeWorld Championship to our smartphones and tablets. A must game for lovers of motorbikes and Games racing in general (especially for those who want to change a bit of vehicle).

WP-Appbox: SBK16 – Official Mobile Game (free, App Store) →

War letters: the Kingdom

Happens often to see win a game before in Google Play that in the App Store, but this is the case of Letters of war, the new game from Cartoon Networks that are taking advantage of reef which are right now in the mobile platforms of collectible cardgames, for which no doubt his characters and fantasy worlds are a fantastic scenario.

WP-Appbox: War of letters: the United-game of cards of hour of adventure (free*, App Store) →

Rival Fire

It now also appears in the highest positions in the ranking the new game of Glu, a study that has left us already great titles of action and, more specifically, shooters, who seems to be now added this Rival Fire. It is third-person and is based on the coverage, and has a few points in his favor: good graphics, multiple game in solo and multiplayer modes) and is very fluid.

WP-Appbox: Rival Fire (free*, App Store) →


The ranking this week have dominated the action games, but we also have something for those who prefer more relaxed games: Snakebird, is a puzzle game that owes its name to the peculiar characteristics of the birds that give name, which will have to stretch out and take forms rather complicated (under our guidance, of course) to reach the fruit looking for.

WP-Appbox: Snakebird (free*, App Store) →

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