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Top 5 games for iPad: Big Bang Racing, Power Hover and more

The top 5 with the novelties of the most downloaded free iPad games arrive this week with an absolute presence for the genre of games platforms and the runners, that monopolize completely the list, although it must be said that there are quite a few differences between the two. We will show you.

Big Bang Racing

The first position is for a game peculiar careers that, in fact, should be almost more as a platformgame, even while we’re going to move on the back of a motorcycle or a car and that our goal will be faster than others. The main hook is the possibility to create and share our own levels, which leaves us tens of circuits to go.

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power Hover

The second position is for the App of the week in the App Store which, curiously, is another game with the speed as the protagonist, although it is not strictly a racing game, but a runner on this occasion. Also has a very meticulous aesthetics and dozens of levels by passing (although obviously not as many as Big Bang Racing), but your claim is more means of transport we are going to use: an aeropatin.

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The second game of the week of platforms is this RedStory, which comes with a classic character of children’s stories as the protagonist, Red Riding Hood, although its history gives it a twist to the original into it a little more humor. It is true that the advertising is something intrusive, but it leaves us a few fantastic graphics and a good game mechanics.

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The third set of platforms of this top 5 is fairly easy as the previous ones in terms of graphics and mechanics of games and their success is based primarily in the humor with which the levels are made and the popularity of its main character, Fernanfloo, a popular youtuber who join the increasingly long list of those who already have their own game for mobile devices.

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Zombies Chasing Me

We ended up with another runner who does not hesitate to exploit one of the most popular formulas of the genre: the flight of a horde of zombies. And do not think either that the Zombies Chasing Me has complicated too even to add some original element, which does not leave us anything out of what one would expect. That Yes, the controls are simple and the result is an entertaining game for one time, enough to have had a good reception.

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