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Top 5 games for iPad: Archery King, Sticker Soccer 2 and more

What are the News that more strong this week on the App Store are sticking? As every Sunday, we do a review of the list of the most downloaded free iPad games, with Archery King, the last game that has presented us with miniclip, leading the top 5.

Archery 2 King

Miniclip has the production machines running at full power and has returned to launch a game this week, curiously with a very similar to the previous issue, since in this Archery King, as you can imagine, the arc turns to be the instrument. In this case, however, it’s a fairly care Simulator with which to test our aim and not of an arcade game that seems more a puzzle of physics.

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Stick Soccer 2

Stick Soccer 2 seems to go a little in the wake of the latest editions of the FIFA mobile, combining a classic Simulator of football with a set of collectible cards, although with very simple graphics and without licenses. Considering that it is a much more modest game and with certain limitations, it may be, in any case, an alternative for those looking for a new game of football.

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Don’t Grind

Don’t Grind is one of those simple but addictive games casual that almost every week we find among the novelties of the ranking of top games, although this is close to beat records in terms of simplicity: our primary goal is to simply remain as sufficiently high as to avoid being crushed by the gears we have under us

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Microsoft Solitaire Collection

While not is precisely a novelty (or precisely because not it is) and of that nor us found here with any great production, the last launch of Microsoft in the App Store is one of them protagonists indisputable of our top 5 weekly, directed to all those that throw of less to take a split to the classic solo of Windows when only have hand our iPhone or iPad.

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Hop Swap

We ended up with a set of platforms (with enough puzzle elements), as well as Don’t Grind, boasts of graphics of the more simple, but here at least the game mechanic is a bit more elaborate, since part of the usual classic formula, but added the twist that we’re going to be moving all the time between two different levels.

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