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Top 5 games for iPad: AG Drive, Faily Rider and more

This week our top 5 with the novelties in the ranking of most downloaded free iPad games you will like especially lovers of speed, because that gets loaded with games of races and runners, with the spectacular AG Drive at the head.

AG drive

The first post is the App of the week in the App Store, a game of racing great graphic level and with the appeal to driving spaceships instead of cars or motorcycles, which in addition to interesting scenarios change, leave us the challenge of demonstrating our ability as pilots without the usual effects of gravity. It also has a huge variety of game modes.

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Faily Rider

Faily Rider should consider is probably more as a runner than as a racing game, as was the case with its predecessor, Faily Brakes, whose game mechanics has inherited without major changes: the main novelties of this new is that on this occasion the vehicle we have to control is a motorcycle and that the stage of our careers without brakes is a desert.

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Tidal Rider

Tidal Rider is also a game whose title can make us think about a racing game, but whose mechanics is more of a runner, actually. The aesthetic, however, is quite different to it of the title previous, and even more it is the stage of our adventures, since spent of travel a desert in motorcycle to ride waves gigantic to loins of a table of surf.

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Blocky Hockey

Third runner of the week, also on this occasion with famous predecessors, also maintains that pretty faithful in what refers to the mechanics of game: Blocky Football and Blocky Soccer. The field that is to be converted this time in an endless track so we go running and dodging opponents, as you can imagine, is one of ice hockey .

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One More Bounce

We ended up with a set of platforms that reminds a little of Blek, since to overcome levels you have to do is draw a line which then will be jump to avoid obstacles that appear to us. A game entertaining and quite interesting, despite its (apparent) simplicity of his mechanical of game and of its graphic, that is reduces to figures geometric of colors.

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