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Top 5 free Android games: suicide squad, Rival Fire & more

Already tired of Pokémon GO or need at least another game that alternate and give you a break when you don’t fancy to move the sofa? Fortunately, despite it difficult that is get something of attention in these moments for others games, not have missed releases for those who are looking for something different, with titles with both hook as Squadron suicide. This is our top 5 new free games for Android.

Suicide squad

If there is a film that has aroused expectation this year and whose debut is is waiting with impatience, especially between them fans of the comics, is undoubtedly Squadron suicide. Fortunately, the day of the premiere is already quite close and good proof of this is that already have the game official in Google Play, for go heating engines and put us at the front of this group of antiheros.

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Rival Fire

Another great title for those looking for some action comes from the hand of Glu, which always gives some confidence: Rival Fire. In this case we will not enjoy an atmosphere so glamorous as with suicide squad, but the game has a few virtues that help make up for it, with a game mechanic fun shooter from coverage, good graphics and an enviable fluidity.

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Lineage War

If you prefer the swords to guns, nor missing options, notably this Lineage War, a new RPG with a set of fairly careful and dynamic combat and regular medieval fantasy ambience and all the creatures that can not miss on this type of scenarios, from elves, Orcs, dragons and demons.

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kingdoms Mobile

Nor could miss a game of strategy online, to the more pure style of the Clash of Clans, of whose formula original, all there is that tell it, nor is separates much this Kingdoms Mobile, starting by it own atmosphere of fantasy medieval, that us become in a Mr feudal delivered by full to the defense of our Castle and to develop our army to plunder them of our enemies.

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Combo Critters

We ended up with a recommendation for those who are not looking for something really different from Pokémon GO, but a similar game that does not involve having to leave home, since Combo Critters, drawing the pull of the other, getting succeed (already did last week in the App Store) offering us precisely that: a ‘conventional’ in which version to recruit creatures only have to travel through virtual worlds.

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