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Top 5 free Android games: SBK16, Dots & Co and more

This week dominate our list games more relaxing, like Dots & Co, certainly more appropriate for summer rhythm, although those that need some more excitement have also access to racing games, such as SBK16, and as Rebellious, to download something adrenaline. This is our top 5 best new free Android games.


We had already seen appear the list of most downloaded games in the App Store the next installment in the franchise SBK and also have it in Google Play: the Superbike World Championship returns to your mobile devices to the delight not only of fans but fans of racing games in general Thanks to their successful physical and good graphics.

WP-Appbox: SBK16 Official Mobile Game (free*, Google Play) →

Dots & Co

We are sure that you will have heard of Dots and Two Dots, if ye have not fallen yourself prey to addiction with their ingenious puzzles: well, well, already have a third installment that continue to test our mental agility, with a new twist to the original game mechanics of connect dots of the same color. We have to start now 155 levels.

WP-Appbox: Dots & Co (free*, Google Play) →

Big Bang Racing

Although also can seem in principle another game of racing of motorcycles, this Big Bang Racing not has nothing that see with SBK16 and not only by its aesthetic but because, indeed, can that have more sense think in it almost as a game of platforms. The main attraction, however, is the possibility to create our own levels and share them with other users.

WP-Appbox: Big Bang Racing (free*, Google Play) →


For those looking for something more than action won’t miss not a suggestion, although it is true that this Rebellious is also quite unusual in its kind, since it is a new twist on the concept of in which instead of points or snakes is what we are going to control a tank. In contrast to what is usual in this type of games, in any case, we can also play offline.

WP-Appbox: Rebellious (free*, Google Play) →


We ended up with a set of fairly simple platforms that on another occasion perhaps we would spend overlooked, but which now can not be talk about since the popularity of the youtuber who stars in it has become an instant success of downloads (and criticism, since their fans have not only run a try, but are fully delivered and are leaving him fantastic ratings).

WP-Appbox: Fernanfloo (free*, Google Play) →

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