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Top 5 free Android games: Farmville Tropic Escape, Flip Diving and more

While in head becomes the new game from Zynga and the Olympics have already terminated, and perhaps to compensate it seems that already not depart much to catch Pokemon, right now is when we have more games of sports between the Games new free downloads Android, although it is possible that some should be considered almost more like casual games. You them we discovered in our top 5.

Farmville Tropic exhaust

Farmville (and fans of games of simulation in general) are in luck because the saga has just added a new Member to the family: after having escaped the field now comes time to escape to the Beach and build our new farm on the edge of the sea on a tropical island, with consequent variation of fruits and animals of which we will have to deal with , of course.

WP-Appbox: FarmVille: Tropic Escape (free*, Google Play) →

Flip Diving

Already saw to Flip Diving succeed in the App Store and not has delayed much in do it also in Google Play: the new game of miniclip carries the specialty of them jumps of trampoline to scenarios very summer, with lighthouses, spectacular cliffs… Our objective, in all case, will be the same that in any pool: perform all the tricks that can, with the greater perfection possible.

WP-Appbox: Flip Diving (free*, Google Play) →

Soccer Shooutot

Soccer Shooutot is a new title of launch of lack and penalty that is them bide for introduce an element original in a subgenus quite village already: the game is focused in the mode multiplayer and not only compete with others users based on them scores that get, but us will put also in the role of the goalkeeper and will have the opportunity of trying to stop their shots.

WP-Appbox: Soccer Shootout (free*, Google Play) →

Javelin Masters

The third game of sports of this week is Javelin Master, in which, as already have could guess, will compete in the release of Javelin. Not expect, in all case, a simulator particularly realistic, nor by graphics or by mechanical of game, but there are that say that despite its simplicity it gets result quite entertaining and addictive, with the attractive of offer also mode multiplayer.

WP-Appbox: Javelin Masters 3 (free*, Google Play) →

Legendary: Game of Heroes

For those who are not so interested in casual games or sports, we closed our top 5 with a title with more action, if it is true that Legendary: Game of Heroes, latest fashion (medieval fantasy-themed) RPG , is that used type puzzles connects 3 to simulate battles, so the strategy earns enough weight on our reflexes in combat.

WP-Appbox: Legendary: Game of Heroes (free*, Google Play) →

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