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Top 5 free Android games: Archery King, Rayman Classic and more

Quite interesting week in Google Play, with a few releases that draw attention and including titles that are not exactly new, as it is the case of Rayman Classic and Microsoft Solitaire Collection. We leave you with our top 5 with the most interesting new free games for Android .

King archery

Last week we presented a new game arcade miniclip, with comic overtones, in which we had to compete as archers against our rivals, and now the same study brings us the “serious” version, so that we can get to test our aim in a simulator that tries to reproduce realistic archery sports tests, although we are still competing against players from around the world.

WP-Appbox: King archery (free+, Google Play) →

Rayman Classic

Makes already almost a year that Rayman Classic came to the App Store and to the end can enjoy also of it in our devices Android to celebrate its 20 anniversary. For who have known it saga through them releases for devices mobile, there is that warn whenever there are them that them graphics are them of it version original, by what are going to notice quite difference, something that probably them will like to them more nostalgic.

WP-Appbox: Rayman Classic (free+, Google Play) →

War Machines

For those looking for more action, the best recommendation we can make them this week is War Machines, a combat game oriented multiplayer (although in two different modes, one where we fight team and a war of all against all) in which we will have the opportunity to manage our own tank (of course We will have a wide variety of them to choose from).

WP-Appbox: War Machines: tank game (free+, Google Play) →

3 Re-Volt

Racing games lovers are in luck this week with a new installment of the franchise Re-Volt, which you know is usually focus on rally cars (something that seems to be more fashionable than ever with the new Asphalt even fairly recent). As always, the new edition arrives with new models of cars and circuits and corresponding improvements in graphics and physics.

WP-Appbox: Re-Volt3 (free+, Google Play) →

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

We ended up with a casual classic games that everyone will have lost some time at some point when we were on the computer and that now are going to be able also to enjoy on our mobile devices: Microsoft Solitaire Collection offers the entire collection of classic Windows solitaire games also on our smartphones and Android tablets.

WP-Appbox: Microsoft Solitaire Collection (free+, Google Play) →

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