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Tomb Heroes: Search for treasures and uncover mysteries all over the world

Role-playing, strategy, action and adventure. Much of the supply of games available in the catalogs of applications belong to one of these genres, or on the other hand, brings together elements of each other. Works inspired by magical kingdoms, or those taking as a reference the large movie sagas, get together million users around the world and forced developers to create innovative works that get a hole.

Tomb Raider has been an of them franchises more successful of the history of the games. The adventures of Lara Croft have also managed to make the leap to the big screen with greater or lesser success. On the other hand, in the field of games for tablets and smartphones, not only we have adventures starring this archaeologist, but also titles as Tomb Heroes, who might remind us of this saga and that you then have its salient features.


The idea of Tomb Heroes is very simple. Under the skin of diverse characters as a historian, a soldier or one policeman among others, we must explore tombs and monuments all over the world to unravel the mysteries that hide. At first glance, this may seem an easy task, however, the mission is complicated when suddenly, wake up all kinds of creatures that will pursue us and avoid that we escapemos with life.

tomb heroes escenario


Atmosphere pixilated characters of fun appearance, we will be able to play in a multitude of scenarios that we remember the great civilizations of the past. You can choose between different characters, each with their own abilities and unique super powers. However, at each level, we will also find different enemies that gather the most characteristic of each visit and environment that will test our capacity for survival.


Tomb Heroes doesn’t have any initial cost. Arrival at Google Play was just a few days ago so it still has failed to a significant number of users. The highest rated aspects, among its easy operation, in contrast to levels that offer a difficulty not incite the monotony, but which also makes that headings are extremely complicated. It requires integrated shopping coming to 10 euros per item.

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Do you think that Tomb Heroes may have a greater acceptance among the public with the passage of time? You have available more information on other similar games as a Brave Diggers so you can get to know other options at your fingertips.

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