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Tips to increase the security if your tablet has Windows 10

Currently, one of them major obstacles pending by resolve for the creators of them systems operating existing both in tablets as in smartphones, is it security and them failures in matter of privacy. In previous occasions you discussed that Android has received critical from thousands of users of all the world to the feel is vulnerable to the possibility of that dozens of elements harmful, can enter in their devices and cause havoc. The great weight of the software of the robot Green is a factor of risk very attractive for those hackers. However, the platform created by the Mountain View isn’t the only one who can expose the threats of cyber-criminals.

But for many, Windows 10 is a benchmark in terms of protection, the truth is that it also has some vulnerabilities that can generate bad experiences of use. Whether firms using personal data of users, or by the creators of malware, the interface created by Microsoft must also overcome a series of setbacks to achieve a greater acceptance among the public not only professional, but also domestic. Then we give a series of Tips that can be useful to improve Security when using an operating system that in its day, was a leader in other media such as computers.

Cube con Windows Phone 10

1 disables all the collection of information

Currently, the applications both of Android as of Windows 10, acquire data personal about those users at the time of download them. On the other hand, the display of content through portals as Youtube or the use of the same apps, generates a series of information that is used mainly by companies with late advertising. If us like keep our privacy, from the platform of them of Redmond is possible control what we offer and what not. To do this, just go to “settings” and a time within, to “Privacy“. In this last submenu, you will find a so-called “General” tab which gives the option to enable or disable features such as shipping to Microsoft of aspects such as the way in which we write on the screens.

2. Add a code PIN

Them passwords and patterns can be very useful to protect them content that keep in them devices provided are processed. In Windows 10, can add protection additional to both with the creation of codes PIN of 4 digits that there will be that introduce everytime is start the session. To activate it, we must enter the “home” menu and “settings“. There will find an icon called “accounts” that will give access to another called “options of home of session” in which we can create more key.

pin windows 10 pantalla

3 list of applications

As mentioned previously, the apps installed can collect data personal to send them to third. This can assume a vulnerability important in matter of privacy since in many cases, the data personal not only are saved and used by them own creators of them platforms, but just in hands of companies and institutions of all type. A remedy common both in Android as in Windows is the deletion of all the tools installed. In the case of the version 10 of the platform of them of Redmond, can go more beyond and take a greater control in the software. In the bar of directions type the command “Shell: AppsFolder“, which we will give access to all applications and us will allow modify them.

4. that no one knows where are and what you do

Continue in the field of the application. In addition to the information personal, some require of the operation of elements included in it own tablet as the camera to power run is to the 100%. Accessing once more to the “Start” menu and then “configuration” and “Privacy” tabs, you can disable lenses when using tools and to remove other features such as location, microphones and even information collected by Cortana and the disqualification of others as the dictation. On the other hand, is also the possibility of eliminating the timing and options to display contacts.

windows 10 privacidad

5. did you know that you can hear Cortana?

Finally, we ended up with a function that is linked to the audio that we mentioned in the previous section. The personal assistant of Windows 10 sometimes can be more intelligent account and collect everything we are talking about while we are not issuing any order to Cortana. Accessing to “configuration” and deploying them options related with this tool, can silence them tickets of voice and to the same time, control some patterns that make Hibernate to Cortana and that it disabled when the tablet or computer in question are loading is or blocked.

While find improvements important in them systems operating more used of the world, it true is that these advances can be a weapon of double edge that, although seem to benefit to the public in a first moment, to the long can have consequences negative for them users, since can stay in hands of crowd of companies and organizations. You think that with these tips is can get a greater protection and minimize the exposure to all them risks? Believe that never will be possible find a protection complete by the own interest of the creators of the software by not guarantee it? Have available more information related as for example, the pros and cons of them permissions granted to them apps so can say you same.

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