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Tips and tricks to save battery power with iOS 10

We have already seen that with the new iPhone 7 Apple seems to have taken a step forward in the area of autonomy but the reality is that, no matter how well hold our tablets and smartphones in this section with all the use we give them, always is interesting to know what we have to do if we want to prolong the battery life a bit more. We do a review of how many measures that should be provided that take into account, thinking specifically of devices already updated to iOS 10.

Disable the locations. We started reviewing the most basic recommendations, among them that always is disable location permit while we aren’t using it, something that most of us don’t do too often and that makes our device is periodically verified our location via GPS. We can simply disable it in the menu settings in the Privacysection.

Disable the updates in the background. Other permission that can interest us to restrict if we want to reduce consumption (and not only energy, but also data) is that allows that applications are updated in the background, something that we can book perfectly for when we are at home or we have connected our device comfortably. The option to disable it we have it in the generalsection, and if for some reason you want to give permission to any application in particular, we can select it there also in the list.

Disable automatic downloads. Other adjustments essential to limit consumption (and again both power and data) is restrict automatic downloads, something equally few times we need urgently. To disable this function, we must now go to the paragraph App Store and iTunes.

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Control notifications. Another classic when it comes to saving battery is take a moment to adjust notifications to our real needs, selecting only those of applications that really interest us. So we only have to go to the notifications section and make sure that for each application is activated or not, as desired, the option to display them.

Control the brightness of the screen. The screen is one of the elements that most influences the consumption of our devices and is essential to know what what it is in our hands do to get save energy in this regard. Most importantly, for starters, is control the brightness of the screen ourselves and bring down it to the minimum that comfortable to us, something we can do by disabling the automatic brightness in the paragraph display and brightness.

Auto lock. Not leave the screen on when not it are using is something basic also to avoid an expenditure unnecessary and, although block us same our device is a Council effective and simple, not is of more nor activate the lock automatic and select the time of expected minimum (to 30 seconds for the iPhone). We can do this with the option automatic blocking of the generalsection.

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Disable “lift to reactivate”. This is not only something specific IOS 10 but that is limited to the more recent iDevices, so only users of these will have to worry about it. This functionality is that according to us to pick up the device this is reactivated, which adds to the consumption of the screen the of the sensors that depends on recognizing the movement. To end this expenditure, we only have to deactivate it in the section on display and brightness.

Disable the animations. Compared with other options we won’t notice much effect disable animations that are displayed in the transitions, but is not over do it, and it is very simple: we have to go to the section on accessibility, go to options and choose to reduce movement. It is also more recall, incidentally, that it is preferable to opt for a static wallpaper.

Not close an application as soon as you finish using it. Especially if it is an application that you will return again and again throughout the day, us does not benefit anything close it whenever we end up using it, because it is rather more “economical” let it operationsbackground which compel our device to open it whenever we go it to use.

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