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Tim Cook says that the passage of Europe to Apple is “political garbage”

It seems that from Cupertino looming storm clouds whose destination is located in the headquarters of the European Union. After the sanction from Europe to Apple that could involve a payout to the company’s 13,000 million dollars in back taxes, the head of the company says Brussels lies and that everything is “political garbage”.

In an interview the CEO of Apple granted to the Irish journal ‘Irish Independent’, Tim Cook says that his company is one of the largest investors in the European country, and that the company paid 400 million dollars in Ireland by 2014. Similarly, it indicates that the 0.005% tax which point since Brussels is false.

“Do not have idea of where comes the number.” The truth is that this year we pay $ 400 million to Ireland on the basis of the statutory rate of 12.5%. “The accusation toward Apple is purabasura political since Apple probably is the largest taxpayer in Ireland”.

We remind that according to the Commission European Apple only had paid 1% of their profits in Europe in 20o3 having even reduced its contribution to 0.005% in 2014. This figure is that the maximum leader of Apple puts in doubt declaring that “believe that is a wish to redistribute taxes that should pay is in United States in the EU”.

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To turns with the sanction from Europe to Apple

After this sanction the own Tim Cook published an open letter on the website of the company where seemed to threaten the future of the relations of the company with the Mainland while preparing the field resource that the company is preparing to avoid the sanction.

In that same letter indicated that if the sanction has just been falling on Apple it will affect directly negatively both the company’s investment in Europe and the creation of employment.

Today the own Cook has tinged their words in the interview claiming that “are fully committed with Ireland” after what has indicated that Apple not goes to curb their plans of investment in the country European.

After the sanction of Apple Europe , there is no doubt that much to get the water back on track and expect us a long period of resources and claims by the company and the European body.

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The article Tim Cook says that the sanction of Europe to Apple is “junk political” is published in MovilZona.

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