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Thus it was the smartwatch OnePlus we’ll never see

The smart watch that could be and never was, until OnePlus announced last year that would launch an own market smartwatch. But by circumstances, the project was cancelled and we are left not knowing what aspect or specifications would have. Something that today we discovered in part, thanks to its own creators who wanted to share the appearance of his frustrated wearable.
It all started with leaked on July 31, 2014, images that showed a smartwatch OnePlus called OneWatch, and a design that clearly remembered the bike 360 circular screen with your box. But what should have been bet OnePlus in the sector of the wearable, interesting given the good reputation in the market of smartphones by their phones of good performance and tight wrecks, was finally dismissed last year 2015 project.

OnePlus Watch, so was the model we saw emerge in 2014

OneWatch que vimos en 2014

Because of the market

According to Pete Lau, co-founder of the company, the blame for the cancellation of the project OneWatch was due to a “cruel market”, so it is presumably that instead of entering a terrain so unsafe from the investor’s point of view such as smart watches or wearables, decided to concentrate on his successful career of smartphones of success that recently has continued a OnePlus 3 that has made clear his intentions with its 6GB of RAM.

Try the OnePlus 3 Fund

Cámara principal del OnePlus 3

Until today, a year later, moment in which Carl Pei, also co-founder of OnePlus, wanted to share with everyone a sheet with more sketches so that we could get an idea of the appearance that the OnePlus smartwatch would have, with its round bezel and its leather bracelet with mechanism to remove the box easily for some reason perhaps aesthetic or functional.

Diseños del Smartwatch de OnePlus


The designs are from 2015, according to the own Pei argues in his Twitter account, where you can read the message “what could have been but never ever will be”. Is a small statement of intent specific of the OneWatch, or rather that OnePlus shall not enter into the land of the wearables? Time to time, that will be what ends up giving confirmation to any doubt.

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The article thus was the smartwatch OnePlus that we will never see published in MovilZona.

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