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Those numbers not deceive, the fever by Pokemon GO begins to decline

In many occasions, from its launch, have secured that the fever by Pokemon GO not ceased, that not stopped of grow and that not seemed to find its ceiling. Well, it seems that this is changing, and that initial play of Niantic fever begins to decline. All what rises low, and in that case as in any other aspect of the life is logical that them figures of users of Pokemon GO be to reach a point half, are going to review them data that ratify this situation.

From the arrival to them shops of Pokemon GO the fever by the game of Niantic not has left of grow, something in line with the coverage that is in them means to it today of this game. But the data of users active of the application start to give another vision, a trend to the low that on the other hand is logical.

Pokémon GO, less active users

According to a report of Axiom Capital Management the number of users active of Pokémon GO has descended from mid of July, passing of 45 million of users active each day until the 30 million a month after. A data that was devastating, the “Engagementof Pokemon GO that basically described the commitment of them players to the game and the recommendation that made of it has last of a spectacular 100% mid July until the 60% mid the month of August.

Pokémon GO usuarios activos

A fact that are running these analysts is to the rise in interest in augmented reality by users with the arrival of Pokémon GO, something that had encouraged many investors to think about creating new teams of virtual reality in the heat of the title of Niantic, but these expectations have deflated after the descent of the game downloads in the last month. The report also speaks of the impact of Pokemon in the use of other applications massive as WhatsApp or Snapchat that is looked at displaced in use by the game of Niantic during July.

Pokémon GO AR

Investors in the most important social networks were very restless after the arrival of Pokémon GO, not in vain the game was subtracting hours of use of their applications. But it seems that after the latest data and the descent fever by the play of Niantic executives of these large social networks are beginning to catch air again.

Pokémon GO Engagement

Pokemon GO has lost bellows since its launch, and is something logical that was of wait, now surely will find a figure of users active more stable and that is will lengthen in the time.

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Item numbers do not lie, Pokémon GO fever begins to decline was published in MovilZona.

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