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Those milestones and failures most dreamed of the history of the CES

The fact that big companies play all its cards in events of global importance such as CES, is not synonymous with that advances in consumer electronics and the devices that all of them present in these quotations have a resounding success. The technology is a very volatile area and we all know that what at a time is at the crest of the wave, soon may fall into oblivion by factors as the lack of public interest or the appearance of much more eye-catching alternatives for both consumers and investors. The failures in the history of computers, tablets and smartphones among many others stands, are something more usual of what seems.

During these days, you’re telling all what we will see in this year’s technological quote from Las Vegas, which begins tomorrow, but what’s what in other years gave that talk by its unexpected landing or by end up becoming a major obstacle to its creators? Today I show a list of them milestones both positive as negative that have marked the history of this fair of the city of the casinos. Did you know that the first smartwatches that were generalized were presented in 2009?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 galeria

1 responsabilities

We started with a support you don’t have too much to do with tablets and smartphones but which revolutionized the way that millions of users enjoyed their favorite movies. In the CES of 1970 is presented the videocassete, that allowed record them content that them spectators saw in their TVs for them reproduced later. This woke up the anger of Hollywood, since them large producers thought that with this apparatus, is would encourage the creation of copies illegal of them films that by that then, went on rampage in box office.

2. table Surface

This invention saw the light in the CES of 2007 although is had State working in it since the year 2000. Here you could already know is the first member of the family Surface which, despite saving a significant resemblance to peers that we currently see in factors such as the touch screen or the incorporation of Windows, also possessed differentiators that not assured success such as its large size. The table Surface to great traits is was of a table conventional that in its part top had a tablet built-in. Among the functions of this device were the possibility of see photographs as if is were of a frame digital.

mesa surface tablet

3 Watchphone

Thirdly, we have an item that did not have too much in their day but a few years later, gave rise to one of the lines of research that more resources are getting by manufacturers: the wearables. At the 2009 CES, LG presented Watchphone, a touch watch similar to the ones on sale today and, despite interest from attendees at the Las Vegas meeting, failed to transcend beyond and become strong among the general public since it had few functions such as viewing photos and tablets and smartphones, in that year, did not have sync functions that would link to this support.

4. convertible Tablets

We are moving a little more time and got to the last edition of CES, the 2016. Here we could see how since the beginning of the last financial year, many manufacturers already chose to devote more resources to the creation of 2 tablets in 1 before the drop of the number of sales of conventional devices due to factors such as a longer service life thereof or a glut caused by the existence of a multitude of manufacturers. Some of those devices that more success had during the fair of the year last were the ThinkPad X 1 presented by Lenovo, or the HP Spectre by 360.

lenovo x1

5 internet of things

Finally, we ended up with another advance that, while it is still implemented little by little, once again, could revolutionize not only the way in which users use their tablets and smartphones, but also, how to use all present in their day to day appliances. In last year’s Edition, the Internet of things occupied dozens of headlines in specialized media worldwide since expected that you for 2020, several hundreds of millions of terminals of all types are interconnected with each other and that can be also applied in fields as diverse as health, education and industry.

As you have seen in this small ranking, the history of technology is not something perfect and without too many changes along time, but rather the opposite. Do you think that CES this year we will see breakthroughs or however, also find a series of supports that can count with great features but that will not however, have an important reception? You have available more information as for example, some of the innovations that we could see in the 2017 Edition so you can check it.

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