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Those 5 games for tablets Android and iPad that more I have hooked this year

It is common, especially to reach the end of the year, find us different lists where games for mobile devices are collected more popular, downloaded and/or bless by the media. However, this time we will try to give a personal touch to the topic and I will talk about games for iPad and Android tablets I know well because I had a few hours glued to them. Can not be the best but, no doubt, will find in them fun to torrents.

Real Racing 3

Not is no novelty, and Yes, this does is of the best. I played enough in its launch, however, in the summer of this year felt nostalgia went back to install it. I’m now playing with Real Racing 3 much more even. It is a title that is timeless, races continue to be just as fast-paced and EA ensures get constant updates, with new challenges, cars and seasonal events to continue to enjoy more and more. As some wines, the Real Racing is of those games that has won with the time: now is much more complete and varied.

WP-Appbox: Real Racing 3 (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Real Racing 3 (free+, App Store) →

Soccer Stars

Small I played countless matches of sheets, so to run me into the Soccer Stars this year I met me a bit with those feelings. The most fun of this game is the online mode, no doubt. And although predefined sentences that offers the game maintains a line “buenrollista”, one can use them perversely to do a little trash talking to rivals. I got even buy me a kit of the Borussia Dortmund which I look proudly at parties, maybe we crossed. Otherwise, what say: there is that control address, force, position of them chips and possible rebounds to make that our shift finish with the ball in the goal of the rival (and not in it our).

WP-Appbox: Soccer Stars (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Soccer Stars™ (free+, App Store) →

Score! Hero

I’ve tried many football games on mobile (touchscreens or not), but I believe that none has seemed so much fun like this. Installed it because I saw my colleague Enrique Moraleda talk about him in one of its articles and has become a true jewel of my library. The game is evolving with a history in which we pass through different teams (you can choose between two time), until you reach the highest, and mechanics is simply to draw the stroke of the ball with your finger on the screen so that it meets our orders. In this way we will be launching mistakes, penalties, corners or create our own moves with some starting positions.

WP-Appbox: Score! Hero (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Score! Hero (free+, App Store) →


Cafe Racer motorcycle

This is the last of my acquisitions. A free game of large polygons that puts to the test our reflexes. It’s driving a bike as soon as possible (with head) to pass through a dense traffic (in one or two directions) without crashing. With the coins that we are winning we can go to improving the bike, both in parts and models. Basic fun, but forceful. Just what I’ve found in Android.

WP-Appbox: Cafe Racer motorcycle (free+, Google Play) →

High ‘ s Adventure

One of the few runner that I like (along with the of Top Gear). Takes time in the Play and the App Store, but this year I gave by install it and it I have enjoyed a lot. Far from being the typical game in which one must avoid obstacles while just of them nerves, the high ‘ s Adventure has something of zen, and just getting relax to the player, creating an atmosphere of evasion as few others. Perhaps are them landscapes snowy, or the music or the slowness of them jumps and the sensations evocative in your set. If not want to even compete, can also slide us on the track without any type of objective. Play by play “without having to die or kill”. There is nothing more delicious.

WP-Appbox: High ‘ s Adventure (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: High ‘ s Adventure (0.99 €, App Store) →

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