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This is what happens when not active airplane in a flight mode

All on more than one occasion we have raised is what would happen if we desactiváramos the airplane in a flight mode. There are many urban legends in this respect but, as many of you can guess, if use the smartphone during a trip by plane implied a danger to the integrity of the travellers, mobile devices would be banned on this means of transport as in the case of firearms.

For who doesn’t remember what the famous airplane mode, as we can read in the Android free, this function receives that name by the obligation which exist before switch off mobile phones during a flight. This mode disables most of the connectivity of the smartphone, preventing from making and receiving calls to connect to the network or make use of the Bluetooth phone.

Precisely these features have been used by many users seeking to save battery power in the terminal, then logically avoid that the smartphone is constantly looking for network or making use of mobile data, involves a lower energy consumption that can give us a few extra hours of battery in “emergency” situations.

However, with the passage of time, activate this mode aircraft for the flights already is not essential. And for this reason we must remember what is what can happen if you do not enable airplane mode during flight.

Airplane on a flight mode

The reason for the ban on using the smartphones on flights, or at least famous airplane mode, responding to the need to maintain the safety of the aircraft, to largely avoid any interference caused by connection of these devices. However, far from what many users could think, these disturbances would not cause an aircraft to stop working or could cause a plane crash.

cabina de avión

Reported to have from Sabias.es different pilots ensure that do not turn airplane mode during flight does not mean any danger to the aircraft, since the radiation they emit does not interfere with the navigation system even if all persons who are on the plane use their smartphones at the same time.

However, if causing not to activate airplane mode when traveling by plane is an annoying buzz that sneaks communications maintained by pilots who are found in the cabin of the aircraft and air traffic controllers. The sound would be similar to which everybody can hear when we approach the smartphone to a speaker.

In this way, although in principle it may not present any danger, it is recommended to enable this function to help pilots to communicate with Earth and not lose information along the way.

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