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They reveal the possible date of the Meizu M5 Note

Meizu continues launching balloons probe, unless the environment and them leaksters, with references to many models of the brand that could arrive soon, especially during the month of December. In addition all of them with new names and even baptizing new ranges. A filtration us has unveiled today the existence of a terminal from which had heard speak little or nothing. Well, this documentation not only reveals their existence, but it also provides a date for presenting the Meizu M5 Noteapproximate.

At the end of last October, Meizu launched the Meizu M5, a new terminal for its range of input that is the perfect companion to one of their best selling mobiles, the Meizu M3, which has also traditionally had a version Note, probably more popular than the standard.

Presentation of the Meizu M5 Note for the next month

That is what we have known thanks to the leaked document, which shows us the “roadmap” that basically details the firm releases for months. And in it appears that the presentation of the Meizu M5 Note will be during the month of December, without a day specifically. So it seems that it will perhaps be the last launch of the Chinese firm, after presenting the Meizu X, that logic invites us to think that they should be submitted this November 30 together. So far some features had been heard for the Meizu M5 Note, where we could see a MediaTek P10 Helio processor with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

presentación del Meizu M5 Note

It would also have a 13 megapixel back and 5 megapixel front camera, characteristics that if kept the aggressive price of the M5 may be more than sufficient to win over buyers. Now well, started to be a little lost with the strategy of Meizu in this 2016, where not have seen a real ship logo that can compete with the true range high of the rest of manufacturers. We know of their problems with Qualcomm, but we expected a Meizu Galaxy Exynos S7-processor, as happened with the Pro 5, but nothing further from the truth.

presentación del Meizu M5 Note

And in the low range, and input things have followed more or less the same, with the arrival of new models, denoting a certain loss of direction of the firm in this year, and with it, enough prominence. In any case, we hope that the launch of the Meizu X, also known as Pro 7 day 30 will give us a first terminal, and this Meizu M5 Note make this super sales of input range that as well have been able to do ever since the brand.

The article reveals the possible date of presentation of the Meizu M5 Note is published in MovilZona.

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