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They reveal the economic price of Xiaomi Mi5c

After the surge of releases for the range high that have seen in them last weeks in the signature Chinese, Xiaomi seems that would be near launch a new terminal for the range half more economic. That is what emerges from the new information pointing to the price that the new Xiaomi Mi5c, the cheapest variant of the flagship of 2016 could have. Are going to meet this price of the Xiaomi Mi5c that no doubt will make of it a terminal very interesting.

Already we have seen Xiaomi Mi5c in numerous images, where we have seen a very interesting design and a more compact size. In fact it has come to speculate with Xiaomi Meri that would come with an own brand processor, could be in fact of the Mi5c.

The price of the Xiaomi Mi5c seeps

Seems that in addition to know is the price, the presentation of the Xiaomi MI5c is a little more closely, test of this is that this filtration comes given by a poster promotional in which can see the price of the Xiaomi Mi5c. Based on this information Xiaomi Mi5c would have a price of 999 Yuan, or what is the same about 136 euros, no doubt the most attractive price. A phone that as said could highlight by an appearance in concrete, be the first mobile of the brand with a processor itself. Although this aspect of time not is fully tested, and others rumors are running to could arrive with a processor helium P20, of them more powerful of the range average.

precio del Xiaomi Mi5c

Next to this processor would have 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The software that would take would be MIUI 8 on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In any case the information about this Xiaomi Mi5c, except it of his own existence is quite confusing. Their images them have been seeing enough months and in some cases is have arrived to be attributed even to terminals as the Xiaomi Mi6. And it same happens with them specifications, that above all in its processor are of it more confusing, as have seen between its origin Xiaomi or of MediaTek.

Xiaomi MI5c

In any case the latest information are running to this Xiaomi Mi5c will be presented in them next weeks, who knows if in the CES, where the brand has confirmed by first time its assistance announcing that presented a new device. In any case is clear that we are before a version very economic from the Xiaomi Mi5.

The article reveals the economic price of the Xiaomi Mi5c was published in MovilZona.

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