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They reveal the date of presentation of the Pixel and Pixel XL of Google smartphones

Just a couple of days ago we told you that Google was considering very seriously the forgetting the Nexus range that has so characterized the Mountain View. This would be the first year without models Nexus, which would be replaced by the new Pixel and Pixel XL, renamed Google Mobile, and as you may have been able to deduce is the same name of the last tablet of professional field of Mountain View. The possible date of presentation of the new Pixel and Pixel XL Google has now run like wildfire.

Seems that this year Google will change many things in its range of mobile, the first of her and of which we already have seen, is that they will not be the premiere Android 7.0 Nougat, since the new operating system has already reached the latest Nexus and will premiere in a series with the LG V20 mobile next week. And second, it seems that the Nexus name is already part of the past and will not be used in the range of Google Mobile.

Date of submission of the Pixel and Pixel Google XL

It does not seem that it will change is the month in which presented Googlenew terminals, because according to the latest information the event that will be both mobile and other devices of the signing will be held on October 4.

Nexus sailfish portada

A more or less traditional date for the arrival of the new Nexus, this year for the first time could give way to a new range of mobile. The Google Pixel would be the terminal until now we’ve known as Sailfish, with a 5 inch screen, while the XL Pixel would be known so far as Marlin, with a display of greater size of 5.5 inches and Premium finishes, although sharing the thickness of the sheet with the Pixel.

Other Google devices that would be October 4

Along with the presentation of the new Pixel and Pixel XL, podriamos see how Google launches a new generation of its Chromecast device, this time prepared to play contents 4 K. This new edition would be called Chromecast Plus you Chromecast Ultra.


Also come your Daydream terminal, which would be called Daydream View. In any case non-official information, so you should be taken with some caution. Although we fear that will eventually becoming actually, wait events the next few weeks.

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