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They disappear two pokemon from Pokémon GO

One of the games most furor caused last year was Pokemon GO. This game, which is Nintendo, was on everyone’s lips since the moment that came out. It is a game that consists in capturing Pokémon and interact with people and reality. Today, we bring you a story about this famous game, and it is that have gone two pokemon from Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO tries to update every so often to keep your users engaged. We know that since it went on the market, it has had a very large die-off last weeks of their departure, while other games like Clash Royale are crowned as best play of the year 2016. Pokemon GO has to do something to change this path.

Deleted two pokemon from Pokémon GO

We’ve seen lately, Pokemon GO had been updated with several improvements. Latest update Pokémon GO brought novelties like compatibility with Pokémon GO Plus bracelet. This time, we have been able to learn that the update has brought the people of Niantic has been silent, since no one had realized that was missing two pokemon. The Pokémon that have disappeared, still itself in the game, but a version of them not we will see more, at least until Niantic repent and return it.

Pikachu and Raichu, its evolution, are the two pokemon have disappeared. A few weeks ago, Pokemon GO updated thrusting genres in the game, having two new pokemon females, Pikachu and Raichu, so the game has much further and you can emparejas, where these genres in all Pokémon, are implemented matching them and get eggs.

These two pokemon have disappeared without notice. As we see in the picture, the Pikachu on the left is the female, and we can see it by the tail, and at the moment, we will not see him more in the game. While the one on the right, is the male, and is that Yes it will continue in the game.

Will they not again genres to Pokémon GO?

This news makes us think that these two pokemon from Pokemon GO disappear due to a failure or because Niantic has decided not to introduce these genres in the game. One of the reasons could be that it is too difficult to incorporate in all variety of pokemon and is for this reason that they have pushed back, or simply have found some bugs in these pokemon from other genres and have decided to remove it and take them out when they are completely well.

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