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They detected numerous and dangerous failures of security at AirDroid

Who more and who less always has sought a way to comfortable and simple of connect your smartphone with the PC. One of the most famous for it is AirDroid, software that allows Android users send and receive text messages, as well as transfer files and see notifications from the comfort from your computer. Today we know that this program presents numerous vulnerabilities that expose the privacy of the users.

According to Play Store, AirDroid has a figure close to the 50 million installations (not counting those that have opted to download the APK from the program from the official website of AirDroid). Therefore, that we have a security problem very worrying that could affect all these millions of users.

The mobile security Zimperium company has recently published details of the main AirDroid security vulnerabilities. A compendium of security breaches in the software that allows cyber criminals acting in the same network where work to access the personal information of the phone and even install malicious inspirational.

Security problems are mainly due to that AirDroid uses the same HTTP request to authorize the device and send all kinds of data. The attackers on the same network intercept the request for authentication (commonly known as a Man-in-the-middle attack) using the extracted any APK from AirDroid code to retrieve information from a private account. This includes the e-mail address and password associated with your AirDroidaccount.

Dangers for the user

So cybercriminals are present on the same network where we are making use of the application can intercept private information of the user, as well as send malicious inspirational to smartphones with AirDroid disguised updates of the application itself. These security problems have not been corrected by which security company encouraged to uninstall the application.

airdroid, pantalla de control del móvil Android

And it is that Zimperium already notified AirDroid the presence of this dangerous security vulnerabilities may, and a few days later, AirDroid recognized the problem. But after the arrival of version 4.0 last November it was discovered that the same problems were present.

Of course, the danger is reduced to working in a home Wi-Fi network, but the risk is more than evident if we are using AirDroid from a common or public Wi-Fi network.

The article detect numerous and dangerous failures of safety in AirDroid was published in MovilZona.

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