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They collapse the switchboard of emergency hacking iPhone with a tweet

Unfortunately the hacks and the gaps of security related with the telephony mobile are to the order of the day. And if not that is to say a U.S. County emergency switchboard, that it has been collapsed by the numerous calls received in a short time interval of dozens of iPhone hacked. Beyond the collapse, the really interesting thing about this whole affair is the method used by the young hacker arrested for this cascade of calls to the emergency.

Although this hackero is quite little thing if it compared with the great attack DDos suffered the last week by the main giant of internet, an attack that puts of manifesto it flimsy of them systems of security of services that saved data very valuable of million of users.

A link from twitter, the triggering of the hacking of several iPhone

A few days ago the the Arizona emergency telephone switchboard was collapsed by a large number of calls received in a few minutes. All these calls avoided that real emergency calls received for a few minutes, after having been attacked in a point in time. At least this is what police sensed to check that these calls were false and not derived in any kind of emergency notice. Maricopa County Police tracked calls false and were found with surprise that all of them came from a link posted in a tweet.


These messages had been published by such a Meetkumar Hiteshbhai Desai. This young hacker had detected a Javascript security breach that it couldn’t force through iOS to iPhone to call a certain phone number. This is what began to denounce some users in various tweets, warning to other tweeters of that press one of these links had originated to 19 calls to them services of emergency. As you can imagine, if we multiply an average of 20 calls for the tens or hundreds of people who struck these links, the rapid collapse of the switchboard can be understood.


The young hacker said to the police that he only intended to extend this error to give him notoriety and as one who says “have a laugh”. This young even has recognized that caccount with another link that also forced to lock and restart the iPhone of form instant. Without a doubt the most unsettling of all this is the relative ease with which you can manipulate, in this case an iPhone, a distance almost never good purposes.

The article collapse the switchboard of emergency hacking iPhone with a tweet was published in MovilZona.

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