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These are the prices and details of the new Movistar Fusion +

They are times of change within the main telephone operators in our country. Last week we talked about purchase of Telstra from Másmovil and effects of the Brexit in the roaming different companies, but you also showed exclusively renovated convergent package Movistar Fusion+.

As we detailed the companions of ADSLZone, Movistar planned to launch in the coming weeks a new modality of the convergent offer Movistar Fusion +, and today, just a week later, again they bring us exclusive details and prices of the renewed package of Movistar.


This same Sunday all customers of Movistar Fusion + may benefit from interesting improvements on your contracted package. It is then when you can choose between 4 options of the new catalogue of Movistar Fusion +.

Movistar variables Fusion +

  • Fusion +: 70 or 85 euros according to you have 30 or 300 Mbps symmetrical. Has a line of mobile phone with unlimited calls and 3GB of data, family TV and 8 League matches. If you have hired 300 MB mode, you can also enjoy the Copa del Rey and the Champions League.
  • Fusion + 2: 100 or 110 euros depending on connection speed, includes Fusion + plus the great game of every day in first and second division, as well as two mobile lines with unlimited calls and 3 GB of data.
  • Fusión + 2 Premium: 125 or 135 euros with everything that includes Fusion + 2 plus all Premium content of the operator, i.e., cinema, series, and all kinds of sports such as Formula 1, Moto GP, golf, tennis, and basketball. It also has two mobile lines with unlimited calls and 3 GB of data.
  • Fusión + 4 Premium: 50 or 160 euros depending on the contracted connection speed, includes everything from Fusion + 2 Premium adding 4 lines with unlimited calls and 3 GB of data.

All this offer Movistar Fusion + is completed with new services for the user as to what the company called “Recommender”, a system to recommend to users what to see based on their consumption habits, ability to consume contents without connection, “My movies” and “My TV” thought so we believe our own channels; and “Movistar + 5S”, technology queadapta the content to people with disabilities audiovisual.

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These article are the prices and details of the new Fusion Movistar + was published in MovilZona.

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