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These are easier to repair in 2016… phones and the most difficult

After surprise us all by giving a “0” the sea round the Apple AirPods for your failure to be repaired, iFixit policymakers make review the past 12 months to tell us what are the mobile easier to repair the year 2016. Of course, at the same time we know what are the most difficult.

As you already know, as soon as a new terminal or device is launched on the market the guys at iFixit are the first to remove it to find out if an mobile is easy to repair or not. In this way you will know if you can “meter you hand” to a damaged appliance or it is better to send it to the manufacturer to make timely repairs.

As annual review, from the famous website shows which are the 3 mobile easier to repair the year 2016, and the most difficult.

Mobile easier to repair

The mobile more easy of repair of the year meet a series of conditions that les have allowed get the notes more high in a demanding site as the of iFixit. THE little use of glue and easy access to the elements that give life to these smartphones are some of the variables that are taken into account to analyse the level of repairs of mobile phones listed below.

  • LG G5: the smartphone has achieved a score of 8 on iFixit, highlighting that your design achieves that smartphone can be repaired without great difficulties.
  • Google Pixel / XL: it same happens with the latest smartphones of Google, terminals that have got a 7 on 10 in the teardown of iFixit.
  • iPhone 7/Plus: to the surprise of many, the latest Apple flagships also have a high level of repairability, a 7 out of 10.

móviles ifixit

Mobile more difficult to repair

On the side opposite to the previous mobile we have at those smartphones that have opted for a more complex design, sacrificing to some extent ease of repair. These are the mobile more difficult to repair of the year.

  • iPhone IS: the compact smartphone from Apple, due to its size, is more difficult to repair companywide, getting a score in 6 out of 10 iFixit mobile.
  • Samsung galaxy Note 7: one of the best mobile of the year, and with worse luck, is Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The mobile phone that has already gone through several banks service reaches a score of 4 out of 10 on the web site.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge: Finally, and as we have said on occasion, the innovative design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its variant Edge makes repairs very difficult, motive that it serves to remove a note from 3 out of 10 in iFixit. The use of glass in the housing of the device is the main reason for this low score.

móviles ifixit

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