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There will soon be tablets with Chrome OS, Google is working on touch point of the system

Google is at a crossroads complex within the segment tablet. While Apple continues its efforts to grow the iPad Pro concept, Microsoft has made from the beginning focus on professional teams. The Mountain View is seen in re-thinking his approach and the option to Chrome OS tablets seems a very valid way until can realized the promise of a hybrid platform as Andromeda.

Not fit doubt of that the product based in Chrome you goes to diversify is and to grow in the next years. Numerous first-order manufacturers are betting on this platform, with great potential specifically in the field of education, but also in professional. A Senior Executive from Google, Rajen Sheth, in an interview to The Verge, said they hope that Chrome OS tablets are a reality very soon since the signing of the search engine will confirm that all the Chromebook 2017 support Android applications.

Google seeks to improve the touch of Chrome OS

A bit is a question complex since it implies not only improve the system’s response to tactile commands, but also work in its interface to get items to be perfectly usable both in a situation of mobile desktop . That is one of the major problems that has had Windows until it has given the formula in tablet mode. We will see how meets it Google.

samsung chromebook pro caracteristicas

The case is that Rajen Sheth has stated that they are undergoing an important work to optimize this plot so they can open the possibility to members so that they play with different shapes and formats, and wait to see what will happens. Since then the Pixel C, even with Android, was a good example of what could be a tablet with Chrome OS. We will see what is the first manufacturer that is released to make a purely Slate device after several 2 in 1 have already been made reality.

A firm commitment to reformulate the tablet?

Doubt that fits at the moment is if Google is firm and determined, since the statements of the Director of the Department of products seem ambiguous. “Open the door and wait to see what happens” is not the same as having a strategy devised and armed to compete in a segment that is complicated. Nor we can say well if this opening of Chrome OS tablet format is simply a patch until the arrival of a hybrid system, or if they are real Google plans to counteract the effect Surface.

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