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The ZTE Axon 7 will have support to Google Daydream with Android 7

Do not stop get out news about updates, and it is that it is time that manufacturers begin to upgrade their terminals, are high-end, medium or input. There is no reason to not upgrade unless the hardware not permitting, as for example with devices that have the Snapdragon 801, can not upgrade to the latest version of Androir because it is incompatible. And today, the news that we bring you, goes about ZTE, which has spoken about when to update your most powerful terminal in the market so far, ZTE Axon 7.

ZTE will soon update the Axon 7 Android 7.0 Nougat

It makes nothing mentioned that the Moto G4 and G4 Plus will begin receiving Android 7 this month, and these are mid-range devices. There are other companies that have updated their respective high-end, but today, ZTE is which has spoken about it. Normally the companies do not say anything about this, and are leaks that let us see when updated with screenshots of devices testing the latest version, or when a user reached you the official OTA and it extends globally. This time, at the CES in Las Vegas, we have seen as ZTE has an image that your terminal right now, the Axon 7, star will be updated soon to 7.0 Android Nougat

With this soon we don’t know when he referred to, but if we take into account that already has been tested this latest version of the operating system of Google in the Axon 7, we believe that in one or two months, this update is there would be released officially. We can also see in the picture that ZTE Axon 7 will have official Google Daydream, to support what this Chinese brand Mobile will have compatibility with virtual reality of Google, a point in favor of this terminal. No wonder us Axon 7 has a large enough resolution, exactly a QHD resolution that will allow us to view content in goggles Daydream VR of Google without any problem.

Virtual reality, another point in favour to update

It is no longer just that users want to have the latest version of Android on your mobile phone, but Daydream is going to be very important for the virtual reality, and if we note that it will be available for all terminals which have sufficient power to play this content and having this update, users will ask their terminals are updated more quickly to try this technology as soon as possible.

Article on ZTE Axon 7 will have support to Google Daydream Android 7 was published in MovilZona.

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