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The Xiaomi my note 2 would come to the market with two versions different

He is expected that the Chinese manufacturer for excellence present what would be your most powerful smartphone to date in the coming weeks. Days ago already have been able to go knowing that would be the first real images of the terminal, as well as their possible specifications, for up to now we have not been able, as much as you think, the new phablet of the brand to reach the market in two distinct versions.

Up to now, all the leaks and rumors surrounding the device have suggested that the device will offer a cutting-edge hardware, while the images that have appeared on the network show that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 assumes the same curved screen on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or in Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The latest leaks appeared in Internet few moments ago indicates that the terminal would reach the market in two different versions. What is unknown is whether any would inherit the “lace” Pro that appeared with the Xiaomi redmi Pro presented a few weeks ago.

xiaomi mi note 2

Two versions of Xiaomi Mi Note 2

As it happened with Xiaomi Mi 5, which also has a model called the Pro, we would find a standard terminal whose memory RAM would be 4 GB while its storage, at the moment, would be 32 GB without offering the possibility to expand it by using Micro SD cards. This terminal would also furnish the 820 Snapdragon CPU, so that it would result in a larger 5 Mi Xiaomi.

The great novelty would come with the version top of the Xiaomi my Note 2 that, according to them rumors, in its interior hidden 6 GB of memory RAM and the already advance processor Snapdragon 821. In regards to the amount of memory, 128 GB is achieved. As is the case with the current flagship of the company, this model could be called Xiaomi my Note 2 Pro.

Everything seems to point to that the company will wait for the completion of the IFA in Berlin and to the presentation of the iPhone 7 happen to leverage greater impact showing the world a spectacular features smartphone.  It is for this reason that mobile would see the light before the end of the month of September, though we still do not have an official launch date.

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