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The Xiaomi my Mix has a new rival: the telephone S8

There are many users that real developments in the mobile telephony market that go beyond remove the headset port, or integrate more RAM devices come sued long. Many of these users found answer in Xiaomi my Mix, a smartphone designed just borderless struck mightily at the time of its presentation.

Now, several weeks after his arrival to the market, already have seen as others manufacturers have bet by the design found in the terminal of Xiaomi to give shape to new smartphones that exist of a relationship between screen and body of it more attractive. As an example we should Honor Magic and even the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, when rumors about its design without just frames are certain.

Now a new manufacturer appears on the horizon showing a design of one of its models more than similar to the Xiaomi my Mix. Not is is of any company since telephone is one of them manufacturers Chinese that more fame has acquired in the last months thanks to its good do with phones such as them different models of telephone P900 or the recent telephone S7.

First image of the telephone S8

It is not the first time that we hear of the telephone S8 since in the past we find on the net the first rendering and device features that anticipated a design very similar to the Xiaomi my Mix. Now this first image real of the smartphone leaves clear an evolution in the design of the phone to be able to say that are before a clone “almost perfect” of the striking phablet of the manufacturer Chinese.

elephone s8

According to rumors and leaks that have accompanied the device since we knew his existence, this clone of the Xiaomi my Mix that will reach the market in the form of telephone S8 would enjoy a 6 inch screen where the same frames would be reduced to a minimum. Little is known of its resolution although it is expected that you as a minimum scope 1920 x 1080 pixels.

In the interior of this Telephone S8 would be according to the same sources a processor MediaTek helium 27 X running at 2.6 GHz speed. In regards to the RAM memory and the storage that would accompany this CPU, little is known at the moment although we could enjoy of between 4 and 6 GB of RAM and a memory than 128 GB internal.

We will continue very attentive to coming updates to telephone for more details of this new rival Xiaomi my mix.

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