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The version of 256 GB of the iPhone 7 cobra force again

Already not there that make more speculation, from makes a couple of days know the date of presentation of the new iPhone 7, that will be in less than two weeks, the next 7 of September. And while already know this fact so important, even there are many unknowns environment to the new terminal of Apple. An of them is if there will be finally a version with 256 GB of storage internal, a version that has gone and come many times, and that a new filtration we could have brought to meet is.

Since is began to talk of the iPhone 7 the version of 256 GB always has State there present both for those users as a demand as for the industry and press with different leaks that have pointed always to this. Now to little more than one week to know all its features of form official, a document we reveals this version of 256 GB.

256GB of storage for 7 iPhone

Filtration of which we are eco today is based on one of the typical tags that accompany the mobile and which details some of the features of the mobile. In this case seems to enumerate what will find in the box of the iPhone 7, that indeed is as is called in this document and not iPhone 6SE as is had come speculating. One of them data more interesting of this label is that is can see clearly in she that is would be of a version of 256 GB of storage internal and that therefore would be the iPhone with more memory of this type that we have seen until now.

iphone 7 256gb

Is a version that is has come rumored from ago time and that is confirmed with a document like this. Another aspect that ends up confirming this sheet is the Elimination of the iPhone 7 minijack connector. On the sheet we see the Lightning EarPods that are headphones that will replace the traditional ones supplied with minijack connection and which indirectly confirm this aspect, one of the most outstanding novelties of the new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 azul

In any case we will leave doubts within one week, on September 7, the date marked by the Cupertino to present its seventh generation of iPhone, and arrives at a particularly sensitive time for the firm in economic terms, with the decline in sales of iPhone worldwide and 13,000 million euro fine imposed by the European Union yesterday.

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The article the 256GB version of the iPhone 7 cobra force was again published in MovilZona.

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