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The update rate of iOS 10 rises to 48%, beating iOS 9 for the first time

10 iOS update continues to expand at breakneck speed. As denote them data statistical of Mixpanel, the last version of the software of Apple already complies the 48% of quota regarding them Idevices available. In fact, this figure represents the overcoming of the iOS 9 rate. In the same way, this means that the latest version of Apple, has become popular faster than the previous one between the users, perhaps for the largest number of improvements and the appeal involving integrated innovations.

Apple presented on 7 September the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and with these came the new native version of iOS. We refer to the iOS 10, which also happened to be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch compatible in form of update. That same arrived makes scarce two weeks and since then the rate of adoption has gone growing of way remarkable. So much so that at this time iOS 10 already is the version of the majority, surpassing even 9 iOS Apple platform.

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iOS 10, the version majority

The statistics of Mixpanel us serve a time more to quantify the degree of satisfaction that has generated the last update of Apple. And is that according to is can follow in time real-you leave a shows through the captures of screen-iOS 10 already implies something more than the 48% of them versions installed in them Idevices. As regards iOS 9, this has of a share of the 47%. The rest are mainly divided into iOS 8 and previous versions of older ones. It is another brand for Apple since that means that iOS 10 has managed to overcome the rate of adoption with respect to the previous version in less.Adopción de iOS 10

Apple extends software support

Similarly, the statistics compiled by Mixpanel put revealed the operation of the Apple software strategy, very different from what happens with Android and troubling fragmentation. And is that each update of the signature American comes to a good number of iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch, regardless of the time that lead in the market. IOS 10 is currently available for models from the iPhone 5, iPad 2 Mini, iPad’s fourth generation, Air iPad and iPad Pro, in addition to the sixth generation iPod.

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The article the rate of update of iOS 10 is raises to a 48%, surpassing to iOS 9 by first time is published in MovilZona.

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