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The Union European forces to Apple to pay 13,000 millions of euros in taxes

Last night we were anticipating it, Apple was the along to suffer an exemplary fine for their practice of pay taxes in Ireland and the consequent “” tax evasion that would have been practicing the Cupertinocompany. This is the culmination of a process that is uncovered the last 2014 when the authorities European warned that the signature Californian only had paid a 0.005% of the tax of societies in Ireland, when this sum should have ascended at least to the 12.5%.

Not is is of a fine as such, but of that Apple pay all those taxes that not has paid during these last years and also with the interests corresponding.

  • Apple could be forced to pay a debt tax of 19,000 million in Europe

A big hit for Apple

Of this form Apple is will be forced to pay nothing less that 13,000 million of euros more interests by those taxes not declared. According to the Commission European Apple only had paid a 1% of their benefits in Europe in 20o3 having even reduced its contribution to the 0.005% in 2014. This practice of Apple was in the Irish legislation, which is now declared a “help State incompatible with the legislation of the European Union” said the European Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager.


It is not a new practice by many American multinationals settle in Irish territory to evade the largest number of possible taxes, something that was technically legal since the legislation of that country allowed Applepractices, but within the framework legal European this type of treatment in favor of large corporations is not well seen , as will has charge of underline the Commissioner European. Certainly this payment of “tax late” is a hard hit to the line of flotation of Apple, that will notice and much this great sum of money in their balances tax.

Comisaria Margrethe Vestager

This new fine to a company American returns to tighten the rope in the relations between them authorities European and American, that in themes of competition are suffering serious clashes, as consequence of them different research that is are taking to out against others companies as Amazon or Google.

  • The European Union formally accuses Google of favoring its applications on Android

that it could also deal with large sums of money as a result of market practices, views from the European Union as contrary to the principles of competition. An increasingly strained relationship which may cause an injury of death to the great trade agreement that both executives negotiate. We will see what is on the one hand the reaction of Apple to this strong economic blow with the American authorities.

The European Union article requires Apple to pay 13,000 million euros in taxes was published in MovilZona.

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