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The tab technical of the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle appears in AnTuTu

This year HTC has done things well and achieved that users will forget completely the bad experience with the HTC One M9 and its overheating processor Snapdragon 810. The HTC 10 is has erected as a terminal powerful and attractive, that will be an alternative of low cost in the new HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, that has returned to give signals of life revealing some features in the popular test of performance of AnTuTu, are going to review these specifications.

The mid-range is so tight that it is increasingly harder for brands to be able to highlight within it. At that range, although in its segment of input would be oriented to the new HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, the more accessible version of the HTC 10 and that he would be very close of submission. Now this HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle has revealed us some of their features in AnTuTu.

Ficha tecnica of the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle

This new handset from HTC will not have a hardware to shoot rockets, but that its price will be as tight as possible, moving around 200 euros. The specifications which has unveiled the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle are the sigeuintes:

  • Screen with resolution HD in 1280 × 720 pixels
  • Processor Snapdragon 400 quad-core
  • GPU Andreno 305
  • 2GB RAM memory
  • Storage internal of 32 GB
  • Of 13 megapixel rear camera
  • Front camera of 5 megapixels
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

HTC Desire 10 en AnTuTu

As you can see is not a spectacular technical form, but if more than enough for those seeking a terminal solvent at a good price. Can that them points skinny of this configuration are precisely two of its parts more important, as for example your processor Snapdragon 400 and its screen, that is is only in resolution HD, by what nor is expected that has a great size.

htc desire 510

In any case should highlight the large internal storage offering, when we are accustomed to much lower figures, with figures ranging from the 8GB and 16GB for terminals of this range.

HTC Desire 10 en una imgen filtrada

In any case not there is that forgetting of that are speaking of a version very economic of the HTC 10 that as is logical has that give to great part of its performance for position is in this range. In any case are going to see what price you puts HTC to this new terminal, because taking in has that between the HTC 10 and the HTC 10 Lifestyle almost not there is difference in the price, hope that it fit it more possible to convert is in an alternative real in the range economic.

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