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The supply of AMOLED displays for the iPhone of 2017 might be inadequate

Practically it is a fact that Apple may choose to include the AMOLED screen in the next generation of iPhone, which is expected to come out on sale in 2017. Agreements with Samsung and the commissioning of a Sharp plant run by Foxconn to increase the production of this type of panels corroborate the information. However, a report from the Taiwanese DigiTimes indicates that the production of the display OLED manufactured by Samsung and earmarked for the new iPhone, it would reduce to 40 million units during 2017. This shortage of component could generate result.

Virtual reality, the benefits, advantages and benefits of the own panels OLED and the disadvantages of structural design and consumption of LCDs that are equipped with current versions of iPhone have been factors that have led to Apple to opt out screens technology which in its day was Samsung. However, the transition may not be comfortable that home seem since Apple handles volumes of sale that requires a supply of components stable and able to meet the demand. Otherwise, the signing of bite Apple would have to deal with long lists of tail, something that our customers and the company’s own sales would notice.Pantalla encendida de un iPhone

40 million, insufficient

And is that according to the latest report from DigiTimes, Samsung faces a global demand of screens growing OLED. While it the signature South Korean already it has taken steps for years by expanding its production plants and improving manufacturing techniques, as well we say demand is still rising. In fact, it is expected that by 2019 the multinational put around 590 million panels of this type. However, during 2016 production volume is planned at about 239 million.

Of the total, the Taiwanese reports that 40 million panels OLED will be destined for Apple, which makes us think that it will be insufficient to meet the demand of your iPhone during 2017. This situation is expected to be Sharp in conjunction with Foxconn support from Americans. However, what will be the level of production of AMOLED displays of this binomial? Quite possibly the sum of three manufacturers is insufficient for the demand for the smartphone by Apple, that could well exceed the 200 million in a financial year, at least during the first year given expected it to Samsung to double the production of panels OLED for Apple to achieve the 80 million.

A specific iPhone with AMOLED?

In this situation it might be wondered what will be the solution. It could well be that Apple deferred the release of its first iPhone with AMOLED screen until the production of this type of screen is sufficiently high as to not generate stock shortages. But there is also the possibility of a second theory, and that is only a version of the iPhone, perhaps the Pro version, which incorporates exclusive this type of screens. Finally and after the signing of the Apple has already applied this tactic since the launch of the first phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus, which in addition to a larger screen, included features not brought the iPhone 6.

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