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The success of the iPhone 7 was a simple media bubble?

We’re bumping each time with more and more data that we begin to corroborate a theory that there was prior to the launch of the Apple smartphone, when its reserves beat records and everything was a scene of Pink for the Cupertino company and that predicted the success of the iPhone 7 again. And is that was at that time who said that all was a “curtain of smoke”, a “bubble media” well orchestrated would will be in it true?

The latest news on 7 iPhone sales do not but make more and see the results of the Cupertino company more and more reluctantly. Many people, was already with the fly behind the ear when the company directed by Tim Cook said that it would not provide the sales data from the first weekend of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus not as “significant”.

This announcement quickly joined him statements of T-Mobile and Sprint in the United States who claimed that the iPhone 7 reserves were being stratospheric. What allowed that the CEO of Apple, just a day before the launch could declare that they had run out of stock of some models in particular because demand had been overwhelming.

Caja de embalaje del iPhone 7

Why they insisted in this success of the iPhone 7?

Because, and if by here there are some follower of it company of Cupertino, as them there are in it own drafting of MovilZona, have that tell them that to Apple, their users, your experience and your confidence les matter quite little. The only thing that now sets company – and to many others, we are not children – is representing the following graphic: shareholders.

grafico de acciones de apple

How can see, after the launch of them teams the valuation of Apple to the albur of them news of the great demand not did nothing more than upload, until collapse is makes ones days and pass ones days of much uncertainty.

Reasons why many people, including the stock exchange, does not believe is the success of the iPhone 7

Last Friday was the first major blow to the company and, perhaps, a bath of reality for its investors. Early estimates of a signature as GFK rather doubt the success of the iPhone 7 – that few people in the industry argue-, no less, is that the sales of the phone are a 25% below the iPhone 6s.

It has been the talk throughout the weekend and now joins another nail to the coffin, Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst of KGI Securities and common in all this Apple information points to the pessimistic forecasts and indicates that the iPhone 7 Jet Black, the most coveted model that is out of stock almost all the time It is not selling as well as it looks. And is that simply, this product is much more difficult of manufacture and the lack of stock is that, simply, there are less drives available.

What else has been able to do Apple to inflate the bubble of the success of the iPhone 7?

As we discussed in the debate that I proposed a few days ago – and if you want to be able to leave your opinion on it-, there are several factors that could have made a release ‘tailor-made’ to give iPhone 7 success.

The first, join on the same day that before separating in a month. In other words, Apple, for the first time, has launched their phones in more than 20 countries, rather than making two batches as we had used. Obviously that increases demand and stocks start them, but does not mean that they will sell more terminals. In addition, it is also pointed that T-Mobile and Sprint are minority carriers, AT & T or Verizon, which have more than 60% of the U.S. market, said this mouth is mine.

All of this is going to resolve, both to ratify it as to deny it in a few months, specifically in January when Apple they no longer can hide and will have to deliver their quarterly results. Here is where we will know if this success of iPhone 7 us-selling the Cupertino company is real or a simple smokescreen to keep trading on stock exchange.

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