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The storage of the Samsung Galaxy S8 could offer up to 256 GB

There is no day that does not know a new rumor around the future vessel logo of the Korean firm. If yesterday was the register at the Patent Office of a new name for the alter ego female of Musicadelparaguay, the virtual assistant’s flagship, today we have known new information pointing to the RAM and the storage of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Let’s review these details that point to a significant increase in these sections.

An of them features that is expected of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is that debuts the processor Snapdragon 835 announced by Qualcomm the week last and that has developed with Samsung, although there is a terminal that could advance is and convert is in the first in integrate it.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 storage could reach up to 256GB

This is an of the information that you are running today in a new filtration. This ensures that the storage of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature up to 256 GB of storage, a capacity that already offer some terminals in the market, and that Samsung had not yet explored. What is still unknown is if this storage would belong to a standard version or form part of a specific version with more internal memory. In principle we are inclined to think of the latter, since there is no other versions the base price of the S8 Galaxy would increase too.

Samsung Galaxy S8 de color gris

On the other hand this source also ensures that el Samsung Galaxy S8 finally will give the jump to them 6 GB of memory RAM, being thus the first ship logo of the signature in integrate this sum of memory. In a year 2017 which surely we begin to see the first mobile with up to 8 GB of RAM. At the moment what seems clear is that this Samsung Galaxy S8 will have to inevitable changes in your sheet, and RAM is one of the most likely, already are this figure has spread like wildfire through the high-end.

Samsung Galaxy S8 conceptual (16)

Also remember that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that had to be retired was to count with a version of 6 GB of RAM, by what would be logical inherit this feature. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is will present during the next MWC of Barcelona, to end of the month of February, and will be a point of inflection both in Samsung as in the rest of the market after the launch failed of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Will see if finally it makes with a storage so high, because the RAM already are you supposed.

The article he storage of the Samsung Galaxy S8 could offer up to 256 GB is published in MovilZona.

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