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The stickers come to Twitter to compete with Snapchat and Facebook

Just a few weeks he jumped the news that Snapchat was ahead by the left to Twitter in number of active users per month and, perhaps for this reason, now the social network adopts one of the most famous features of the messaging application to provide its contents of new widgets in the form of stickers, as just announced the company.

Twitter is introducing #Stickers, a new feature that allows you to add tiny drawings or symbols, basically the stickers that appear on many messaging applications such as hats, glasses or characters emoji, photographs that climbing on the social network.

The deployment of these Twitter stickers will land in the coming weeks in the mobile app available for devices iOS and Android, making it possible that no longer need to rely on external applications to encourage our photographs. There will be hundreds of emoji, accessories and objects for “embed” in any of our photographs, and how it could be otherwise, will be able to vary its size to fit them into our images, rotate them, and place them in the chosen place.

stickers en twitter para móviles

Hashtag function

Stickers coming to Twitter in the next few weeks has the single purpose of bringing freshness and a touch of fun to our images, since the social network also plans to make these stickers “visual hashtag” feature. In this way chen you see a tag in a photo, users can play on it and open a new feed of images of the social network that include this specific sticker. It is not strange that in the future talks may be created using a sticker instead of a hashtag. 

However, currently it is unknown if only we must stick to the stickers proposed by Twitter, or the possibility is given to users upload their own stickers to the social network, with all the “game” that this can lead.

The stickers are nothing new in the world of social networks, Facebook introduced stickers in Messenger, long ago, and now also used in the reviews of the different publications. Snapchat also has similar to the new stickers stickers of Twitter lists to place photos or videos, although they do not have the search function proposed by the social network.

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